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Petriolo Spa & Resort

Loc. Grand Hotel Terme - I - 58040 Pari - Civitella Paganico (Grosseto)

Tel. +39 0564 9091


General Manager: Alessandro Ercolani

Room number: 87 rooms

Petriolo Spa & Resort is an exclusive structure immersed in the tranquil hills of Tuscany and located next to natural thermal baths, which date back thousands of years. Surrounded by a pristine nature park, the green landscape stretches out before you in every direction and allows silence to fill the air. It is within this impressive and ancient setting that Atahotels has chosen to offer to its guests the exclusive relaxation experience of a lifetime. Much more than a hotel and wellness centre, Petriolo Spa & Resort is the perfect place where you can revitalize your body and relax your mind, without foregoing any luxurious indulgences.

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